Naly Rice is a new breed of change makers in America.

Naly Rice is a Technology Entrepreneur, Writer, and Philanthropist of Hmong descent.  She was born in Modesto, California, raised in Syracuse, New York, and Charlotte, North Carolina.  Naly is the fifth of six children to Hmong immigrants who escaped the Vietnam War before resettling in the United States.  Her family’s journey from poverty to achieving the American dream is one for the books.

Naly married Chris Rice in 2015 and started LN Creative Group, the Marketing-as-a-Service and Software company.  She is an Electric Vehicle Charging pioneer, having been part of the original team that launched one of the largest producers of EV Charging Stations in North America.  She also worked in cloud, data centers, and cyber security.  Today, Naly remains the CEO of LNCG, is an avid writer, and a philanthropist.

Early Life

Naly (Yang) Rice was born the fifth of six children in Modesto, California to Hmong immigrants who escaped the Vietnam War after living in a refugee camp in Thailand. She was raised in Syracuse, NY and Charlotte, NC and grew up in poverty. She started working as a teenager to help her parents and never stopped working since. Her American Dream was to become a business owner to escape a life of poverty and eventually help more women and minorities break the poverty cycle.

College Years

Naly experienced racism early on and always felt powerless. In college, she got her start in activism by starting her university's first Asian Student Association and became part of the school's Diversity Council, where she spoke publicly about diversity and inclusion. She later organized the university's first diversity fair in history which partnered with all minority organizations on campus. She was selected to join the exclusive, UNC in DC Program, where she interned on Capitol Hill and studied politics. This experience sparked her curiosity and she traveled globally quite often in college.

She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications and Public Relations from The University of North Carolina at Pembroke in 2010. She also studied Public Communication and Branding at The University of Technology Sydney, Australia.

Career Highlights


One Summer in Upstate New York

Naly taught herself how to use Adobe 7.0 from her brother's old college textbook with a companion CD. These were the NetZero and Angelfire website days. She taught herself HTML in order to make simple websites, but she loved design more than coding.


Freelance Graphic Design

At 16, she gained her first freelance client after answering a Craigslist post for a lotion company going to a trade show. She earned $150 and created a postcard design. Giving her confidence, she later gained more clients through Craigslist postings and continued freelancing in high school and throughout college for side cash.


Electric Vehicle Charging

After a failed attempt at starting a marketing agency, Naly moved to Washington, DC and was lucky enough to become part of the original team that started SemaConnect, from a basement startup into one of the largest producers of EV Charging Stations in North America. She designed one of the first EV Charging Locator Software and Apps in the marketplace with her Software Engineering co-worker, Roman S.


Cloud, Data Centers & Cybersecurity

Naly became the first woman, minority, and millennial to join the Executive Team at Edge Hosting, then one of the fastest growing companies in Baltimore according to Inc. Magazine. She overhauled the company's 20 year old brand and redesigned their self-service Cloud Portal. The company was later acquired by DataBank, Inc.


Writing & Speaking

Naly dealt with issues through a life long practice of journaling. Her unique story and perspective from employee to entrepreneur led her into writing and being a keynote speaker at women and business conferences where she covers topics on cultural, social, economic, and community barriers for women and minorities. She also speaks from personal experience about breaking the poverty cycle.

LN Creative Group & Marketing-as-a-Service

Naly started seeing a gap in the marketplace for a marketing company that truly understood technology. She started LN Creative Group (LNCG) in 2013, but it wouldn't be until 2015 that the market took off. When Forbes declared Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS) the future of marketing, she quit her job to work on the business full-time.

She envisioned that MaaS was going to revolutionize the marketing department, the same way IT-as-a-Service changed the IT department. She later created the MarTech Portal, a cloud software for managing a company's marketing department remotely. Today, LNCG has clients in Technology, Healthcare, Nonprofits, and Government sectors domestically and internationally.


Naly started the nonprofit Hmong American Dream in 2020 to help more Hmong Americans find higher education, earn technical certificates, and start businesses of their own to end the poverty cycle. A little over 50% of all Hmong people in American live in poverty according to Pew Research. She also supports other nonprofits such as Purpose Jewelry, Dress for Success, and the Maryland Food Bank.