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Customer Support


Can I Change My Order?

Unfortunately, we can’t change any information on an existing order once it has already been processed for shipment, including details like your shipping address, billing information, item, size, or quantity. We also cannot cancel orders after they’ve been processed.

If you haven’t yet received shipping confirmation, we may be able to process an address change or cancellation. Please reach out to us at the email listed above, select the appropriate category, and we’ll make every effort to accommodate your request!

All orders are subject to our return and exchange policies. Please note an address change or cancellation request is not guaranteed until one of our team members has confirmed your request has been processed.

Once I Place An Order, When Will My Account Be Charged?

If you place an order on our store, you will be charged for the full cost of your order immediately. If you see any additional pending charges on your account, please allow up to 3 business days for them to reverse. If they do not reverse and you believe there has been a billing error, please reach out to us at the email listed above.

Can I Order Over The Phone?

Unfortunately, we’re only able to take orders electronically through the website currently.  If you’re having issues viewing the website, placing an order, or accessing products please contact us and we’ll make every effort to place an order on your behalf. Thank you!

Do You Have Different Sizes Available?

The sizes, colors, and options available on the website is the inventory we carry in stock.  If you don’t see a certain size, color, or option then it isn’t available.  We only list items that we currently have in stock. 

Do You Offer Discounts Or Promo Codes?

Yes, we absolutely offer discounts and/or promotional codes during certain times of year or special occasions.  A great way to receive 15% on your first order is to join our e-mail list.  You’ll immediately get the discount and gain access to monthly e-mail updates with the latest products, discounts, events, and promo codes.

Will I Be Charged A Sales Tax Or VAT?

We’ve already included the cost for sales tax and/or VAT into the final price of the products on our website.  You will not be charged extra for this.  Orders may be subject to additional shipping costs depending on your location. Please read the shipping section below.

When Can I Purchase Sold Out Items?

Sold out items can be purchased again when they come back in stock.  Please recheck the website or contact our concierge team to inquire about a specific item.  Include the link to the item if available so we can better assist you.