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No. 18 – My First Stationery Collection at

Introducing the Floral Stationery Collection

This week I’m excited to launch my first stationery collection on! It’s called the Floral Stationery Collection and has 20 minimalist flower inspired card designs that can be personalized. 


My goal with this first collection was to create something minimal, uplifting, serene, and feminine.

Took roughly 1 month to design and create the collection. It was longer than I wanted, but I’m still happy because I learned more about the backend of WooCommerce than before. 


In total, it took me 3 months to build the WordPress website with WooCommerce integration, and 1 month to design my first stationery collection. Hoping to tighten up the design & production aspect to a shorter timeline in the future.


Doing on-going marketing and distribution is a whole other beast.

You’ll enjoy this collection if you’re into stationery, print art/designs, or adding to your greeting card collection. Sending a loved one, friend, or colleague with their own personalized notecards is a memorable and practical gift idea. 


I’m proud of myself for even getting this far! Think I’ll celebrate with a massage, nice dinner, and a bubble bath. 


Learn more about the my first stationery collection below!


Collection Details 

The Floral Stationery Collection on is a modern and minimalist inspired stationery collection with 20 new pieces.


The collection comes with the option to customize or personalize.  You can add your first name, full name, or simply “thank you.” Each set comes with complimentary blank white envelopes, so you’re ready to write and send.

There’s something special about sending & receiving customized high-quality stationery in our digital age.

Meaningful snail mail and giving or receiving customized stationery has an elevated and classic touch. For business correspondence, it’s a professional way to convey thanks instead of a standard thank you card.


I like to send thank you cards with letter wax seals. It’s a whimsical and surprising piece of mail in this day and age. 


Have you ever received a piece of mail with a wax seal before?

Designing Stationery 

For this collection, I wanted to design something that was minimal, feminine, and focused on the beauty of the flower.  


Digital images of real flowers were used for better detail and realism. The simple use of symmetrical flowers provide a serene aesthetic for your message.  


The handwritten style font for your name is personalized. We’re currently working to bring you more font options for the front of the card.


Paper Quality 

The Floral Stationery Collection is printed on high-quality folded paper with a matte finish. Each set comes with complimentary blank white envelopes, so you’re ready to write and send!


The premium paper is 16pt, which gives a thick touch to the hand resembling its quality. The matte finish provides a smooth surface to write your message.


We’ve partnered with a premier global manufacturer to print our stationery.  


All our suppliers are carefully selected and held to the highest levels of integrity.  This also allows us to produce paper goods that are made with high-quality premium paper, printing ink, and production. 


Our partners are committed to saving greenhouse gasses and making strides towards carbon neutrality. Roughly 95% of our printed goods are fulfilled with recyclable materials using high-end printing technology.

Where to Purchase 

You can shop for the The Floral Stationery Collection directly online at in the Stationery section. 


After placing an order, a member of our team will process your order and produce a proof with your custom name through email. After approving, it’ll be sent to production and shipped directly to your address. 


We’re currently developing distribution through retailers and specialty boutiques. Stay tuned for new business developments and where to purchase products. 

Thank you for reading my writing, viewing art I create, and purchasing from my online boutique. 


Hope you enjoy the products and have a wonderful day!


To the stars,


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