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Naly Rice Keynotes the 2018 Women in Business Conference

Naly Rice spoke at the 2018 Women in Business Conference today to a packed room full of women business owners and professionals. It was hosted by SCORE Southern Maryland, an initiative by the U.S. Small Business Administration. The event was held at Anne Arundel Community College’s lecture hall with several breakout session rooms for learning and education.

Melinda Emerson, Forbe’s #1 Small Business Expert spoke first about how to start a business and the key steps they can take to ensure they have all the necessary items they need. Naly Rice spoke about her personal experience from employee to entrepreneur and how she coped with work/life balance, raising money, learning new skills, and overcoming social norms surround women and minorities who are trying to start a business.

After lunch, all guests selected a couple breakout sessions to attend including: technology, accounting, gaining confidence, and accounting. A selection of trade show vendors attended including local banks, businesses, and lending companies. Naly and Melinda stayed until the end of the event to network and take photos with guests.