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National Entrepreneurship Week 2021!

We’re proud to participate in National Entrepreneurship Week, a non-partisan congressionally chartered initiative founded in 2006 that takes place the third week of February annually. #NatlEshipWeek

As a woman and minority entrepreneur, Naly Rice is giving back this week by dropping nuggets of free resources that has helped her start her business. Check out all of her handles here:

Naly’s Twitter:

Naly’s Facebook:

Naly’s Instagram:

You can participate too by using the key messages below all week and sharing your own entrepreneurial journey!

  • – NatlEshipWeek is a national movement taking place the third week of February annually that is dedicated to celebrating the diverse voices of entrepreneurship across the United States. 
  • – NatlEshipWeek represents America’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, a grassroots network of partner organizations from Maui to Miami that support and uplift entrepreneurs in their local community.
  • – America’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem is as diverse as its people. NatlEshipWeek supports and uplifts the unique voices of entrepreneurs in all stages and encourages budding entrepreneurs to take the leap.
  • – NatlEshipWeek encourages and engages federal stakeholders, recognizing entrepreneurship is the backbone and lifeblood of a thriving U.S. economy. 
  • – Join the NatlEshipWeek movement by using the hashtag #NatlEshipWeek on all social media platforms.

To learn more about events and webinars going on all week, please visit here:



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