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Today, the Official Gift Shop & Merchandise web shop for Naly Rice has launched at You can now purchase official items directly on the website. The first collection of merchandise is the Notes by Naly series of original poems written, and performed, by Naly Rice.

Notes by Naly is a year-long poetry series started on October 2020 during the COVID pandemic. Naly challenged herself to create poetry as the pandemic limited the number of in-person events that keynote speakers could do.

She successfully wrote and published one poem per week for an entire year. She was featured on the popular podcast, “A Moment Of Your Time,” on the first day of Women’s History Month for her original poem, “The Grind.”

Naly is involved in conceptualizing, creating, and designing every collection. Naly studied graphic design and branding in college. She also payed her way through college as a freelance graphic designer before shifting to a decade long career in technology and marketing. The serial entrepreneur is at it again with the launch of her official gift shop.

Some items currently available in the shop:

  • Mugs
  • Sweatshirts
  • T-shirts
  • Tote Bags