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Inside The Edition

Curious to know what you’re going to get before getting it?  We have that in common, so I put together a digital collage below of what to expect in your inbox.  This isn’t Runway Magazine (a la Devil Wears Prada) but we do what we can. We like the fancy shamncy stuff, but still get down with cheap thrills here at This monthly newsletter is for all the women entrepreneurs, side hustlers, current or aspiring business owners, or simply enjoy getting a free magazine-like email with fun content to thumb through.

That means curated content for Women of the World who are interested in business, lifestyle, world news, with hints of style, food, and inspiration. I also write a monthly reflection, like a monthly letter from the editor.

Here’s to Women of the World who are chasing their dreams, breaking barriers, and uplifting others to do the same. Let’s make magic!