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Motivation Magic

Your Weekly Dose of Magic

Motivation Magic was created for entrepreneurs, business owners, side hustlers, dreamers, and students of life.  It’s a weekly postcard in your inbox with motivation quotes, curated videos, wellness articles, and more. 

To say that Naly Rice’s burgeoning come up as an Entrepreneur, Writer, and Keynote Speaker is the stuff of legends is an understatement.  Her unique background, career, and trajectory continue to unfold – but not before we take a peek at what has inspired, motivated, and empowered her on her journey.


"It can be a daunting journey towards entrepreneurship, overcoming personal barriers, or transcending to new heights. Which is why I created Motivation Magic, a weekly reminder in your inbox with motivational quotes and goodies to support your goals. Join the list, sit back, and get your weekly dose of Motivation Magic today."

Naly Rice