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Intelligent Automation - Notes by Naly
Intelligent Automation - Notes by Naly

No. 10 – Intelligent Automation (IA)

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been in sci-fi movies and depicted in a certain imagery of what it could entail. It’s often scary and filled with misbehaving robots. This makes it confusing to understand, let alone embrace.


I was researching books to learn more about AI and discovered something new. I finished reading it and couldn’t wait to write a review. 


“Intelligent Automation,” by Pascal Bornet, Ian Barkin, and Jochen Wirtz is my first introduction to the concept of Intelligent Automation (IA), officially “Intelligent Process Automation”, and also known as Hyperautomation


It sounds daunting and technical to read, however, I found this to be an excellent source of education and information. It’s written in a way that’s understandable for everyday and business use cases.

Intelligent Automation Book Review - Notes by Naly

You might be interested in this book if you’re an entrepreneur, work in technology, or simply curious about IA. It’s important because an automation revolution will have a significant impact on our society – and already has. Nearly 50% of big companies already use IA.


This book defines what Artificial Intelligence is compared to Intelligent Automation. It discusses concepts and use cases for IA that will assists us towards a new Industrial Revolution on white-collar jobs. 


Office work accounts for 80% or more of job roles in our global economy.

“Intelligent Automation,” is broken down into four parts:

Intelligent Automation Book Review 3 - Notes by Naly

My experience with AI, and unknowingly IA, has been through working in technology and now Altairzen, my Marketing Technology Services Provider (MSP) company. 


Family and friends know I create websites, but it begins to get murky once marketing technology comes in. 


My job primarily means upgrading, implementing, or customizing a company’s marketing and sales software, applications, integrating it with their website, and analyzing data to create new campaigns. This entire job can be executed in the cloud with a remote team and still build value for businesses and organizations.

AI and IA can be applied to streamline email marketing, patient intake, digital advertising, and a plethora of business workflows. It can help businesses resolve repetitive processes and tedious tasks to make way for new innovations and ideas. 


The astonishing thing, is that IA can help save 10+ million lives per year and extend life expectancy conservatively by 10-30%. This is made possible through research, avoiding medical errors, global access to physicians, and reducing traffic fatalities.

I’m more of a visual learner, so the four IA capabilities round graphic made it easier to comprehend the ever-evolving framework and Information. 


There’s so much this book offers in understanding what Intelligent Automation is and how to implement across numerous industries and professions. Providing a pragmatic approach makes this a reference and guide book. The end has a library with 500 use cases, the largest list publicly available. It shows the vast amount of opportunities to apply IA. 


I enjoyed reading “Intelligent Automation,” by Pascal Bornet, Ian Barkin, and Jochen Wirtz. Learned so much, and will probably refer to it again. Thanks for reading my book review!


How have you already interacted with AI and IA? How can you use IA to help others? Do you know someone who could benefit from IA? What are some tedious tasks IA could do for you?




Good reads,



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