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No. 11 – Best Cities for Women Entrepreneurs

Have you thought about starting a business?


I recently read the “Dell Women Entrepreneurs (WE) Cities Index 2023,” report done by the Dell Women Entrepreneurs Network (DWEN). They’re a global organization that supports women entrepreneurs with education, resources, and community.

I’ve been a member for a couple of years and enjoy meeting more women entrepreneurs around the world through their programs. I recommend joining DWENfor women who are business owners or thinking about starting. This isn’t a sponsored post, simply sharing valuable information if you’re interested in starting or moving your business.


The Dell WE Cities Index ranks global cities on their ability to attract and support high potential women entrepreneurs with starting and scaling their business.

The Dell WE Cities Index Pillars:

Their research constructed the measurement of 5 main pillars with 90 indicators, rating up to 100. A city needs to excel on every indicator within the pillars to get to 100. 


From this data, DWEN was able to create a list of top 55 cities for women entrepreneurs.

Insights from the Report

I downloaded the report and found some interesting progress on the state of women entrepreneurs around the globe. These insights help us map out the future and find ways to garner more support, advocacy, funding, and community.


The top three cities for women entrepreneurs is LondonNew York, and San Francisco


They’ve been the “golden tier” for women entrepreneurs since the last report. London had one of the highest number of projects and dollars raised out of the 55 cities in the index. It’s concerning that the #1 spot wasn’t an American city.

Overall, capital remains the weakest area in the ecosystem for women entrepreneurs.

Top 20 Dell WE Cities Index Ranking

  1. London

  2. New York

  3. Bay Area

  4. Paris

  5. Stockholm

  6. Chicago

  7. Los Angeles

  8. Toronto

  9. Sydney

  10. Boston

  11. Washington, DC

  12. Melbourne

  13. Seattle

  14. Wellington

  15. Berlin

  16. Amsterdam

  17. Copenhagen

  18. Aukland

  19. Vancouver

  20. Atlanta

(See the whole list of top 55 cities for women entrepreneurs on DWEN’s website.)


Don’t be discouraged if you don’t live in one of the top 55 cities for women entrepreneurs. You can start a business and begin from there! 


This year, five new cities were added to the list:

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