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No. 12 – Women in Business

My dear grandmother passed away on February 8th and I decided to rest and reflect. She was a bold, funny, and loving woman who survived the Vietnam War and raised five children on her own after grandpa passed away. She loved tending to her garden and small chicken coop in the backyard.


My grandmother is one of the reasons why I started writing. I’m grateful and thankful for her. Today, I’m wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

A couple years ago, I attended a Women in Business Conference in Maryland as an attendee. It was a day long event with roughly 100 women entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners at varying stages. 


In 2018 I gained the courage to write to the event organizer and shared my story from startups, tech incubator, electric vehicle charging, and marketing. The event organizer invited me to be a speaker and share my personal journey from employee to entrepreneur in technology at the 2018 Women in Business Conference. 


It was the first public event and keynote speech I made as an entrepreneur.

As a previous attendee, I wanted to provide value while also sharing some “real talk,”about the realities of being a woman in business. You know, the stuff we discuss after the event and don’t want to share in fears of being misunderstood.


It was scary, exciting, and refreshing to meet so many women who resonated with my story. After the event, there was surprisingly a line of women waiting to tell me their own stories of starting up. 

It was the first time I realized how impactful simply sharing our journeys into entrepreneurship is. I previously attended and became inspired. Now, I was being the speaker and inspiring new attendees.


Today, I’m sharing some of the content from my speaking events and some of the barriers women face in entrepreneurship. My hope is that it resonates with another person, and inspires you or a friend to pursue business ownership too. 


Share your story below!



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