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No. 16 – A Day To Relax & Recharge

The first time I learned that I sucked at relaxing was in Sydney, Australia when I studied abroad in 2009. 


It was a Saturday at Paddy’s Market in the vegetable section when my roommate turned to me and said, “Naly, you suck at relaxing. You’re so American, always working and working and working. Haven’t you ever done nothing before? Do you still have your vacation days?”


Learning, working, writing, creating – it’s all great. It’s all I knew.


I’ve always loved learning and working, but I definitely needed to learn how to relax and chill out.

Feeling productive is rewarding, however, it’s my days off when I recharge and get some of my best creativity. Strangely, even the way I set up my days off is organized.


I schedule blocks on my calendar for days off. There’s definitely times where work is flowing well and I don’t want to take time off. Other times, I can’t wait to go on a quarterly vacation.


If you’re interested in learning about some ways to schedule in relaxing days and things I do on my time off, then enjoy this post!


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