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No. 8 – 8 Poems To Recharge & Uplift

Notes by Naly on Substack

Writing creatively is one of my passions. It’s not a job or a chore to me, it’s simply something I do every day.


The writing I did in marketing, advertising, and public relations was a completely different element that was enjoyable in a different way. For a long time, I was nervous to share my creative writing and poetry. 


After my 30th birthday, I gained the courage.


A couple years ago, I took a Creative Writing and Acting course at The Everyman Theater in downtown Baltimore. I worked in cloud technology all day, then attended the writing course at night. The class structure and activities was different than anything I’d ever experienced. 


It was fun and helped me build confidence to write creatively.


I began writing a novel and attended a writing conference to explore the publishing world. There were valuable writing workshops on poetry, novels, and short stories. I attended a writing workshop by the screenwriter, Michael Hague. He taught about the three-act structure, story building, and how to write a screenplay.


Over the last year, I wrote poetry and very short stories on Twitter. There’s a community of writers that gain inspiration, prompts, featured words, and story ideas. It’s a fun challenge to write a story within the character limit too. It definitely helps with brevity and is fun to see how other writers utilize the same prompt, word, or theme.

Here’s a collection of eight poems I wrote to help recharge and uplift. Enjoy!









Bonus Poem!

Hope you enjoyed reading some of my poetry. I’ve been getting out of my comfort zone with writing different genres and themes. Writing uplifting and positive words never goes out of style!


Which poem did you like the most?



Happy reading,


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