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French Toast Casserole - Notes by Naly
French Toast Casserole - Notes by Naly

No. 9 – French Toast Casserole for Breakfast & Dessert

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Making a breakfast casserole is a sweet start to the day, or evening. This French toast casserole has brown sugar, cinnamon, and a frosting for drizzling on top. 


It’s indulgent and tastes like warm cinnamon toast crunch cereal. 


Portioning is definitely required, which means we can enjoy it a little longer. Works great if you have family or guests over. Sometimes, I’ll make a light omelet and have a scoop of French toast casserole with coffee for breakfast.

It also works as a dessert! Scoop vanilla bean ice cream with a serving of warm French toast casserole for a delicious end to dinner. If you’re interested in learning how to make it, please enjoy reading the recipe!




Making French Toast

Let’s start making French toast by pre-heating the oven to 350 degrees. 


Crack the eggs and blend with milk and melted butter in a bowl. Then add the vanilla extract, sugar, and brown sugar into the mixture and blend well. Set it aside with a large spoon or laddle so we can scoop it on top.

Now take the bread loaf and cube it up. I like to use the Sara Lee Artisan bread, but it’s really up to you. Let me know which bread you use so I can try it too.


I use a 7×11 glass Pyrex to bake this recipe and it works great. 


Layer the casserole with the egg mixture and bread while gently pressing down. Start with a scoop of egg mixture, add half the cubed bread. Laddle egg mixture on top and make sure the bread is moistened. Add the rest of the bread and egg mixture on top while lightly pressing down.


Put foil on top of the casserole and we’re ready to bake for 30 – 40 minutes.


Once the oven comes up to 350 degrees, place casserole in and set a timer for 30 minutes.

While it baked I enjoyed a cup of coffee, typed up the recipe, and thumbed through a travel book on Washington, DC. 


It’s the setting for a novel I’ve been working on for the last three years. Even though I work in the city, I still enjoy learning about its history, art, science, and discovering local neighborhoods. Whenever I need some inspiration I enjoy visiting the gardens, monuments, or touring different museums.

I ended up baking the French toast casserole for 40 minutes total. Started with 30 minutes with the aluminum foil on, and 10 minutes with no foil for a nice brown and crispy finish. 

Once it’s done, take the casserole out of the oven and let it sit for 5 minutes to cool down before adding toppings.


Let’s make the frosting while we let it cool. Combine one cup of powdered sugar in a small bowl with two tablespoons of milk. You can also use soy or almond milk if you prefer. Stir it up until the powdered sugar dissolves.

Lastly, top the casserole with powdered sugar and the frosting to serve! It’s delectable and sweet with a slightly crunchy top. Baking it for the extra 10 minutes with the foil off is worth it.

Hope you enjoyed this recipe! Keep it in the refrigerator and heat it up in the oven to enjoy the next morning or a sweet treat.


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