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Notes by Naly Is On Substack

Happy New Year!

After doing research and assessing writing options, I’ve decided to make Substack the “headquarters” for Notes by Naly. It’s where I’ll be writing a weekly collection of notes on a mix of topics from business, cooking, books, travel, life, and more.

I moved my writing and humble email list of 208 subscribers to Substack for a number of reasons.  Its ease-of-use and companion app make it easy to write and read. The blog + email option makes it easier for workflow. The monetization options empower more independent writers. Lastly, I like the option to easily narrate and add music or video.

The Notes by Naly publication on Substack is written by me.

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What’s In Notes by Naly?

It took me a while to begin my Substack because I wasn’t sure what to write about. 

I’m interested in a wide variety of topics and I couldn’t choose. Writing only about business felt bland and writing poetry has been a great outlet but limited. I also love to cook, travel, and read so I wanted to incorporate that too. 

I enjoy reading and writing on an eclectic mix of topics which include:

– Business & Entrepreneurship
– Books
– Cooking
– Graphic Design
– Poetry & Short Stories
– Life
– Travel
– More…

If you’re interested in subscribing to my new weekly publication, visit here: