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Notes by Naly Series Launches on YouTube

Today, Naly Rice launched Notes by Naly, a YouTube Channel with the spoken word versions of her poems. The series was created to inspire, motivate, and empower more women and minorities towards their dreams.

As a public keynote speaker, Naly Rice has graced numerous business events and conferences. Her passionate, charismatic, and inspiring speeches with her own David & Goliath story has appealed to a professional and executive demographic. At conferences specifically held for women, the rooms are always filled with laughing, cheering, and deep insight. At traditional business conferences, attendees appreciate her willingness to open up and discuss topics in entrepreneurship that are most important among women and minorities.

Her Notes by Naly series on YouTube and Instagram are aimed at connecting with a younger generation. The poems stream a back and forth timeline of her journey, experiences, memories, and advice on her journey from poverty to entrepreneurship. The poems cover three major areas: the light, dark, and badass side of business ownership as a female founder.

“I was inspired by Marcus Aurelius’ book Meditations and how he’d leave nuggets of wisdom, hope, clarity, and truth in bite sizes,” said Naly. “I always write as if I’m giving advice to my younger self or to a young woman on the come up. I’m grateful that it resonates so well with professionals and I hope Instagram and YouTube provides a new perspective to my overall mission.”

To watch, listen, and subscribe to Notes by Naly, please go here: