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Read poems and very short stories written by me here. I’m an avid fan of writing prompts and #VSS as a daily habit for sparking creative ideas with brevity.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!


A giant robotic fish gulped ocean trash & compacted it into a tiny cube.

Ben collected each one & took notes on a boat doing research at night. The ocean strangely lit up like an aurora borealis.

He collected a #liquid sample & rode back to the lab.

#vss365 #scifi


Slow it down a notch
With you in the city
Gracious & gritty
Grind & #twist
Ribbons on wrists

Go w/ the motion
Deep like the ocean
Till we reach the clear blue
Prism shades & hues

Bounce to the beat
Energy deplete &
Iridescent glow
Morning espresso

#vss365 #POEMS



Wrap me up
In your magic
A moment apart
Is tragic

Lock the world out
Your breath on mine
Heaven can wait
While we dine

Make you smile
Even when it hurts
#Winks & dessert
Cardigan & skirt

Rooftop city lights
Floating satellites
Late summer nights

#vss365 #POEMS #writing


You wear Bleu
I’ll wear Chance
Floating in midair
For a dance

Your sweetheart
In a world of sin
Thick & thin
Bite your chin

Encapsulate the moment
Gravity bring us down
Love on the ground
Serenity found

Wax dripping
Hand gripping
Time slipping

#POEMS #writing #vss


#POEMS #poetry #writing #poetrylovers


Lady Liberty
You stand so tall
Temperature rise & fall

First time saw you as a kid
Wasn’t ready but you opened the lid
Chasing dreams I drew
NY heart shines through
Even though I grew
And you’ve changed too

Tonight I
Light up
The sky
For you

#POEMS #writing #poetry


Writing with
Pen or brush
Every stroke
Is a rush

Like the first
Time you put
Ink to paper
Country roads
To sky scrapers

Flower garden
Greeting the sun
Bloom & rise
Help float our feet
While hymns vocalise

Petal w/ morning dew
Change of worldview
Begin anew



Rest In Peace
Stop to weep & reflect
Life’s a journey
Beginning, middle, & end

Memories bookend & loses
When Alzheimer’s chooses
And you lose your choice
Forgot your voice
And the time
Nursery rhyme

So I pray
Love no delay
Fresh bouquet

#POEMS #writing


Joanna’s #ghost glided into Aiden’s room as she softly caressed & #kissed his forehead while he slept.

He wasn’t keeping up w/ chores or tidying up. A photo of them was on his bedside.

She slept beside him until it got too chilly.

He woke up & grabbed a blanket.


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