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Welcome To The New! relaunches with e-commerce boutique and content for women entrepreneurs around the globe.

Hello and welcome to the new!

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to rebuild the website with a new e-commerce boutique, blog, and room to grow. It’s been an interesting challenge and I’m thankful we got a big chunk of the backend work completed in order to launch.

I took my own advice and upgraded my personal website while investing in my passion of writing and digital art. The new enhanced website is my corner of the internet to dream, write, create, and share with others who are interested in starting their own business or chasing their dreams.

When I started a career blog for women in 2013, I couldn’t imagine how it would turn out but am happy I stayed the course. Over the last nine years I’ve also gone through changes in my life and business. I’m grateful and thankful for those who have supported me throughout the years. Truly appreciate you and hope you enjoy the content and products.

Let’s discuss what’s in store at and what to expect this month, rolling into 2023. We’ve reorganized the website to have specific nooks for you to learn, shop, and read.


The new Library section of the website is a central hub for finding organizations and resources that support starting or growing a business. In college, I worked as a Librarian Assistant and relied on libraries to work when I was starting up.

My hope is that the library section of will provide free resources that will help you startup a business and chase your dreams. It may also connect you with global organizations that can help leverage your business.


We’ve put together an editorial calendar of content to publish each month on our blog. Producing more content for women entrepreneurs with free and downloadable resources enables us to uplift and empower more women and girls. Video and voice are strong communication mediums, which we’ll utilize.

For the blog, we’re focused on producing better content that help women entrepreneurs around the world. This includes topics that are important to women like:

  • – Work
  • – Life
  • – Funding
  • – Wellness
  • – Style

Online Boutique

Combining my passion for design and art, our team will be rolling out new in-house products, collections, and content on a monthly basis. We’re also creating curated product lists for certain blog posts and learning landing pages.

New online boutique offers:

  • – Stationery
  • – Greeting Cards
  • – Wall Art
  • – Accessories
  • – Home & Living
  • – Mugs

Many stationery greeting cards can be personalized or customized for sending a chic note with a bespoke touch. You can also create customized engagement and wedding invitations to purchase in bulk on the website.

Writing, Poetry & Books

A dedicated page for my writing, poetry, and books will be available on the website. This year, I developed a new daily writing habit on Twitter. Having a daily prompt and supportive Twitter writing community to read, share, and grow with has strengthened my writing skills. You can follow me on Twitter to see the latest things I’m writing.

My team and I have been completing the formatting on my first poetry book. I’ve also been writing a fiction novel for the last two years behind the scenes. Having a central hub for my writing, poetry, and books will make it easier to organize and find. Some of my writing and poetry will be turned into wall art as well.

There’s so many plans for 2023 launching at with more content and products for modern women of the world who are chasing their dreams. There is no better time in history for women to start a business than right now. There are so many opportunities, support, and funding available once we start.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and learning or shopping with us!