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I developed a daily writing habit on Twitter with writing prompts and #VSS for sparking creative ideas with brevity.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!


Hands take the lead
Taught with need

Dangerous curves
Paths to caress
Moonlight bless
This wild ride
Stars collide

Exchanging words before flowers
Hold it down sun & rain showers
Every night & day
Sugar on crème brûlée

Mood lights dim
Leaving notes for him



These lips can’t wait
Till it gets late
Spice and rum
Candied raindrops
Energy to spike

Break us both down
Love the pieces we found
To each other
Give just enough
Don’t smother

There is no other
I’d rather give my time
Be true to us
Don’t flip on a dime

#XOPrompts #poem


Serenade my soul
Heal our hearts
From a black hole

Kiss me at magic hour
I feel your pain & power
Shining through

Sky blue to pink
Left your mark in ink
Found the missing link

#poetry #writing


Don’t want to lose my will to love
Pray to our angels above

Shooting stars on cue
After all we’ve been through
You’re the one I’m close to

Dancing in streetlight
Savor the night
Hand behind your neck
You wrapped around my waist
Tight hug with full embrace


Don’t allow a man to make you feel superior or less than another woman. It’s not true, we’re all individuals.

At the very best, you get instant gratification that isn’t true.

At the very worst, you actually believe him & put down another woman.

Stop giving away your power.

Please stop shaming women for not having children.

Some women are blessed w/ children, some can’t have any, some adopt, some didn’t have a choice. Some kids have loving moms & some look up to strong female figures.

Either way your self worth as a woman goes beyond being a mom.


Call us OutKast
Time made us last
Through the roses
She’s standing in the mirror
With heels & sexy poses

This love makes us shake
Like a Polaroid picture
Constellation cup mixture

Don’t try to call her dirty
She’s so fresh so clean
Babygirl’s a queen

#musicmuse #writing


“After surviving war, being ripped from bloody battlefield to bloody streets. Even after denial, anger, bargaining, despair, & acceptance.

All that remained, for everyone, was #crawling back to love…

Why didn’t we try that first?”


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